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Raimundo Alemparte

Raimundo Alemparte

Market Access Expert

+31 6 2900 1352

Chile / Europe

English Spanish

Raimundo (Rai) is originally from Chile and an experienced international journalist. Rai has 15 years of global experience in journalistic investigation, having published material in various print media in Chile and throughout Latin America.


During the last decade, Rai was in charge of managing locations with regional authorities and collecting information for the Chilean Film Commission, dedicated to promoting Chile as a destination for audiovisual production. Raimundo also worked as an advisor for communication strategies and coordinating the Communications department of different Chilean Municipalities, such as the Santiago and Zapallar communes. Recently, he collaborates with Sidera Consult as an external advisor, in matters related to intelligence gathering and market access strategies in different sectors of the Chilean economy.


Rai is an amazing communicator and diving enthusiast. In his free time he volunteers as a rescue diver. 


Management and Development of Digital Content | Pontifical Catholic University of Chile | Chile

Bachelor of Social Communication, Journalism | Pontifical Catholic University of Chile | Chile


Coming soon. Stay tuned for Sidera team's valuable insights into the business world.

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