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Who we are

A multidisciplinary consulting firm

Sidera has been using this unique, 3-pronged approach since 2003 in order to guide our clients to new markets through strategic promotion and customized solutions.
Our office has a unique blend of Lawyers, Economists, Accountants, Foreign Affairs Specialists, and International Business Experts with over 200 years of combined experience, which means that we´re uniquely equipped to tackle any problem that our clients face.

We offer

Vast experience and

connections with

governments worldwide,

academic institutions,

and think tanks.

Experience in

the private and

public sectors

A Team with





Partners directly

involved with

the Projects

Where we are

Firm headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil, focused on International Trade, government interface, and Law and Economics.

Here at Sidera, we’re committed to providing a service that’s efficient, effective, and transparent.


Sidera's Locations

Our Emblem

Understand the inspiration

behind our Emblem.

We are stars. Stars are born in interstellar dust clouds scattered throughout the universe. They are a source of energy and life. These tiny specks of light carry billions of years of knowledge. Some are given scientific names; others are named after our departed ones; some are sought after, and others still offer daydreams for whoever is yearning for some inspiration. Those who cross our sky become part of our story. 

We are stardust. Our bodies and all that surrounds us are made from the dust of these luminous bodies of light. All human life belongs in this cycle. We are at a crossroads in all aspects. We are people united in a coalition. Singular in our arrangements and united by nature, we are all here in the same space and time. We exist under extraordinary conditions, stronger when together. 

We are guiding stars. Sometimes we find a spark that stands out, directs our gaze, and guides the way in the dark immensity. The fear is gone, but our gut feeling still tells us to go faster, further. We are the compass that guides travelers on an expedition. We are the rope that leads explorers into new horizons and steers them between the storm's waves and the cliffs. 

We are Sidera. Sidera is Latin for stars. This is our name, our logo, and our mission. Since 2014, we carry the light that brightens our excellence, offering dependable and passionate work. We adapt as the color blue adapts to different oceans. We are also grey, rock-solid, directing our clients to each triumph, celebrating each step as if the victory was our own. We are a combination of our professionals' stories, backgrounds, pains, dreams, and cultures. And along the way, our clients' stories bring light to our own trajectory, a journey we are so proud to share. 

We are here to guide. 

We are here because we care. 

We are Sidera Consult.

Who's Who Legal

At Sidera Consult, Carolina Saldanha Ures is one of the go-to lawyers for tariff and non-tariff barrier issues with sources further praising her well-considered, solutions-oriented advice and deep understanding of international trade law and policy.
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Sidera was winner in the category of
Excellence in International Trade Law Service in the 2017 Global Awards.
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