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Oren Saggiv




Hebrew, English, Spanish, and Portuguese

Oren Saggiv’s experience combines military discipline, intelligence precision, and international finesse. As a former Israeli army captain and reserve duty team leader in the Missing in Action (MIA) unit, Oren's dedication to service is unparalleled.

Transitioning from the military, he spent 5 years contributing to security with SHABAK, gaining expertise for high-profile security initiatives. He then embarked on diverse international civil missions in South America, becoming fluent in Spanish and proficient in Portuguese. This prolonged exposure provided him with invaluable cultural insights essential for successful international business endeavors.

Oren's adaptability, strategic thinking, and cultural awareness shine in his management roles, where he excels in fostering successful international partnerships. His ability to establish strong rapport and navigate cultural nuances makes him a trusted partner in global business. Oren is a valuable asset for enterprises seeking strategic guidance in the complex world of international trade.


Intelligence Services


Coming soon. Stay tuned for Sidera team's valuable insights into the business world.

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