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Mariana Chacoff

Trade Strategy, Partner

+55 11 9 6497 7780


Portuguese English

Mariana is a consultant in International Trade, with a focus on customs-related issues and trade remedies.

She has extensive experience in anti-dumping investigations. In addition, her expertise in tariff reduction mechanisms and tariff classification (including “ex-tarifários’’) has added valuable insight to clients all over the world. Through data collection and due diligence skills,


Mariana has helped companies in countries as diverse as India, China, South Korea, Germany, and the USA, navigate and better understand the Brazilian market. Her previous experience also includes a stint in the technology sector, where she helped design Latin American pricing strategies for multinational companies.

Mariana currently leads projects for clients in the chemical, rubber, textile, paper, steel, and machinery sectors. She has carried out various on-the-spot verifications for these clients, including the first subsidy verification ever performed by the Brazilian Trade Remedy Department (DECOM).


Complementary Training Course, Alternative Investments and Financial Markets | The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) | England


ANVISA’s Pandemic Contingency Plan Simplifies Procedures in Brazil

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