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Guillermo Conte

Political Risk Expert

+54 9 11 4438-7077


Spanish | English 

Based in the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, Guillermo stands as a seasoned Senior Political Risk Analyst, bringing over two decades of invaluable experience in analysis and public affairs consultancy throughout Argentina and the Southern Cone.

With a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from the prestigious University of Buenos Aires and further studies in International Relations at Universidad Di Tella, Guillermo is not only an adept analyst but also a respected educator, serving as a professor at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and other esteemed educational institutions.

Guillermo's expertise lies in navigating the intricate landscapes of South America, recognizing both its diversity and commonalities. His astute insights into political dynamics, economic climates, and policy-making processes across the region offer clients at Sidera Consult strategic counsel of the highest caliber.

A firm believer in a hands-on approach, Guillermo collaborates closely with Sidera's international team, ensuring seamless coordination and comprehensive analyses tailored to each client's needs. Goal-oriented, consistent, and assertive, Guillermo infuses his work with a touch of humor, fostering an environment where teamwork thrives.

Beyond his professional attributes, Guillermo's human skills shine brightly. His orientation towards tolerance, empathy, and collaboration underscores his commitment to not only delivering exceptional results but also fostering meaningful relationships with clients and colleagues alike.


Bachelor in Political Science | University of Buenos Aires | Argentina

Studies in International Relations | Universidad Di Tella |  Argentina


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